No Sound when using Playback icon in toolbar, can anybody please help!

No playback Sound when using Playback icon in toolbar on audio part,
can anybody please help !


Do you mean the Audition button?

Same as other preview, if you are using Control Room, the signal is routed via the Monitor busses. Make sure, you have a Monitor bus available and routed the meaningful Output.

If Control Room is disabled, right-click to the wanted bus in the Audio Connections > Outputs and enable the Main Mix. All previews are routed over this bus, if Control Room is disabled.

Martin, Thanks a lot for your reply. I dont use Control Room and it is disabled.

When I right-click the the bus in output, I dont see any options to enable the Main mix in the drop down list ?
By the way, I use Cubase 12 Pro
Regards Klaus


Make sure, there is no the Left Bus selected. Click to the Inputs and then back to the Outputs. Click to the “Stereo Out”, please.