No sound when using Steinberg UR22C in Cubase LE AI Elements 11

I cannot get any sounds when I listen in my headphones that came with the package (UR22C recording pack). I have installed everything I need but there seems to be an issue with the sound output and input. I have been in the settings of Cubase and found that you could choose between two drivers- either Generic Low Latency ASIO driver or Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO. Which one should i choose? I hear some sounds though, such as the metronome but not the audio I record from my keyboard nor audio I put in the software (such as other songs or sfx etc)

Choose the Yamaha driver. The others are generic. You need to check connections and make sure you add all inputs and outputs.

I did as you said and at first it didn’t quite work. Then I pressed the MSRW buttons in the top left of the screen and I could now hear sfx and other songs i put into the software. But, for some reason I do not hear anything I played from my keyboard, so I think something is wrong in the MIDI settings, could you help me?