No sound when using Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO

This may be a very dumb question, but I am novice to Cubase…

I have installed Cubase AI 10.5, set it up with the Yamaha ASIO and checked the input/output routing and everything seems OK. I have one mic connected, I do see the signal in the input channel but not in the mix (output). I have connected my headphone to the UR44.

As soon as I switch to Generic ASIO I hear the mic working.

There must be something I overlook. I checked several postings about how to set up ASIO/VST Routing and I believe that everything is set up well. Both input and output channels are reported ‘active’.

Update: I managed to hear sound now, but it really has been a struggle for me. Still not sure if I have the correct settings. I am also troubled by the latency. It is around 20 ms and I expected not to hear that. But I do. I have to try to find a way that I can listen to myself latency free through the headphones.

I also found that Cubase AI LE is way too complicated for me. I have been looking for a software version of an analog reel to reel recorder with four tracks. Would be great to have 4 channels available for rec/playback, but haven’t found anything yet.

Hi and welcome,

Are you on Windows or Mac.

Make sure mono Audio track has been created, relevant Input has been selected and Monitor button is enabled, please.

Hi Martin,

thanks for your reply and welcome! I am on Windows and I guess I found out by accident how to receive sound. Strange though that I did not have that problem using the generic ASIO driver.

I guess Cubase is too complicated for the things I want to do (simple 4 channel rec/playback function).

I have same problem, there is hard to switch between drivers: generic ASIO driver and Steinberg driver , i made screenshot of this, for myself :slight_smile:, so maybe will help someone. See attached file.
cubase audio driver.jpg