no sound win 8.1 and alesis multimix 4 fx

I have an alesis multimix 4FX USB mixer and windows 8.1 on my laptop. I downloaded the asio 4 all version 2 and finally got it so I could record a bass line from my bass but I can’t hear it or play it back (I can see the waveform). It actually worked once in the sample editor window but I had to hold the mouse button down and I can’t replicate it again anyway. I tried the laptop speakers, headphones plugged into the laptop and headphones plugged into the alesis mixer and could occasionally hear white noise in the mixer but nothing playing back. I tried setting the windows audio to all of the different options for default devices, and none work. I also set the wmd deal to the usb codec in the asio4all control panel like I saw in the forum. Please help, this is driving me crazy. thank you.

update-- it works fine on my windows 7 computer at work. but of course, I can’t install the program on a second computer so I have to keep using win 8.1. Still need help with that, forum administrators!