No sound with AI11

Hello, we had cubase Ai11 working in our school OK and sound was great. We had to allow students access to the local drive for them to work, otherwsie sound did not work.
We have had a security issue and now have stopped students and staff having access to the local drive. Now, sound does not work at all.
Is there any way we can get sound to work without given access to local drive?
Also, if we go down the full software, not AI would we still have the same issue?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

What do you mean by “sound did not work”, please? Do you mean, you have no access to the sound library? Or do you mean the ASIO driver stopped to work? What Audio Device (ASIO driver) do you use, please?

We have a Yamaha MX-49 keyboard set up on the PCs. The sound works fine vis this with headphones plugged in via keyboard output.
Tested and all PC sound via headphones OK. Sibelius works fine too.
Cubase, select the Yamaha as the input / output options and all works great as admin.
Teacher and student fails with the sound file locations as they are on the C drive which they do not have access to, so fails. (This is the reason for the issue)
What I need to know is how can I fix this with AI11 or as this is a free software, it will not be able to? Also, if we go down the road of buying the full elements version, will it do the same?


If I understand you right, the sound library is not available. You can move the sound library to any location by using Steinberg Library Manager.

Excellent. Is this straight forward?


Yes, it is. In the Steinberg Library Manager > Options, set the Library Default Location. Then all newly installed libraries are going to be installed to this location.

For the existing libraries, you can click the Move button and set the new location.

Hi, i have set the new location but cannot find where the old ones are held?


If you click the DETAILS button, you can see current library location.