No sound with air pods and output system preferences

I have apple air pods and would like to stream the sound from dorico directly on them. Though they appear in the output selection list and can be selected, but no sound is actually streamed. They even appear twice (one has a (2) after the name), when that is selected, dorico crashes.
Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Also will there be an option for system output like for example in logic x? That option is really useful when switching between multiple output sources is part of the work flow.

Please see the details for using Bluetooth headphones in the FAQ thread. Hopefully you will find that it is as simple as choosing the second listed AirPods device in the Edit > Device Setup dialog.

The air pods turn up as two devices, one for the mic and the second for the actual headphones. Dorico can’t make use of the mic, therefore it is right, you should choose the second device. If indeed it does crash then, please choose from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and attach the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Thank you daniel for your quick reply!
That doesn’t always work though. I made it work once, after that, I tried to repeat the scenario where it failed again, I don’t know why. There was sound from the computer but not from dorico.

The thing I could repeat though is, that dorico crashes if play is pressed and then the decive setup is changed.

But even if it would work as described, would that mean that you cannot have dorico stream to bluetooth devices while the computer uses another output?

Ill do that thanks

I just want to jump in and say that I’ve experienced some ongoing issues with AirPods and other bluetooth headphones, too. Sometimes they don’t show up in the device list, sometimes they do but when selected no sound comes through them, sometimes it works the first time, sometimes it works after I switch output devices back and forth a couple times. I can’t determine a pattern, but it is a persistent inconvenience. I have never experienced a crash before, but I do often have trouble getting them to work as expected with the program.

Hi im_a_roc, what you might get difficulties with is, BT headsets quite often have a limited number of supported sample frequencies, some even only just one. You then might run into issues, when your current device is set to sample rate x and you switch to BT headset with rate y.
To avoid this, is best if you adjust the sample rate of your other audio device to be same to the one of the BT headset.