No Sound with Complete audio 6

Hi guys,

I had lost my desire to produce with the loss of my HDD and my projects (one year ago) but now I am back.

Sadly after re-installing eeeeverything, and re-connecting everything, my sound card isn´t working anymore in Cubase.

The complete Audio 6 works in Natives Machine Mikro, Safari, Sportify etc. but not in Cubase.

Cubase works fine with built in audio. When I select the Audio 6 in preferences, it shows up, and I even selected VST Connections -> Bus 1 and 2 (Stereo). That cables are in output 1 and 2 but no channel on the mixer has sound on the meters, and the card is getting no signal.

(when I change to built in, the mixer returns to live and the output meters flash and sound comes out of the laptop speakers).


1.Drivers etc. are updated via service center (Native Instr.)
2. Soundcard is selected as Audio Driver (Audio 6 shows up as usual)
3. Output Bus are selected as Kompl. Audio 6, Stereo 1 and 2 (left and right)
4. Cables are double checked and 100% right
5. Signal light on the sound card show no input, Mixer is dead = no sound at all
6. Back to built in, everything works fine.

What now?!

Please help, I don´t want my music to die because of damn technology rage!



just to make sure (because the terminology is not exact, in your post, sometimes…).

  1. The Komplete Audio 6 ASIO driver is selected in the Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System, right?
  2. In the Devices > VST Connections > Outouts, there is a Stereo Out bus, which is routed to Stereo Out 1 and Stereo Out 2, right?
  3. You are not using Control Room (VST Connections > Studios), right?
  4. Outout of all tracks/channels is routed to the Stereo Out, right?

Can you check the Control Panel of the Komplete Audio 6, when Cubase is running? I don’t know the Control Panel of this soundcard. Can you see some output meters here? Is there any output Volume fader?

Can you try to increase the Buffer Size?

You wrote “the mixer returns to live…” Which mixer do you meen? How does it look like, when it doesn’t look live? Do you meen the signal in Cubase MixConsole?

Which version of Cubase 7 exactly are you using? Do you have the latest update?

Hi Martin, thanks for your help,…

I did everything you said, it just works with the built in speakers. (Before losing my HD it worked fine, now after the fresh install, it won´t). The regular cubase mixer shows no signal at all when the Complete is selected.

I think I know now what it might be. I use Cubase 5, and updated my OS X, and I am afraid Cubase 5 isn´t supported anymore :frowning:

But what I don´t get is, why does it still work with the internal speakers? Should´t it stop working at all?

I can´t update it to 5.5 nor can I install the updated ASIO drivers… DAMN YOU paid software!!!

If that is the case, I am of to Ableton live. To force an update that way is just cheap.

You think that this is the problem?


Could you try to install the latest CoreAudio2ASIO component? You can find the article and the download link here.


I am one big step further, thanks. Now I can hear sound, but it is all like distorted white noise when I play a note, not the actual sound.

The workaround also states, that I should update to the most recent update (would be Cubase 5.5 I think) but when I try to do that by downloading the update, it sais that it is not compatible with my OS X (not true, because the built in sound works just fine).

Any idea on how I can update or solve this? (Also the outputs in the Bus show up as “-1” and “-2”, when I remember them being “1” and “2”, correct?


Could you try to increase the Buffer Size of the soundcard (Komplete Audio 6)? This could solve the issue.

If you need to install an older Steinberg product on Mac OS X 10.10, use the Installer Tool, please.

I have the same issue! after updating to os x Capitan sound was gone! Set your advice CoreAudio2ASIO, but nothing has changed; (I do not know what to do! HEEEEEELP!!!

Have you guys figured out how to fix this? I’m having the same problem in OSX El Capitan!