No sound with Cubase 10 pro on HP Elitebook

No sound. End of story. Thoughts?


If your question could be made more specific, so could the answer.

If you are using the internal audio interface then you will need to use asio4all for Cubase to recognise it.

I have a slightly different problem. I use Cubase LE 11 which comes with Audient’s EVO4 interface. When using a headphone, I can hear the recorded music oon either the right or the right side, depending on which output I choose. I’m struggling to hear it in the center but without any succes. Have tried all variations of connections, input, output buses, stereo, mono - nothing has changed.
I also tried it in the Studio Setup/Audio Driver/ Contorl Panel but the button reacts nothing. I can’ even tick the Direct Monitoring option. Quite annoying…

Any ideas? Thanks a lot!