No sound with cubase 12 AI on iMac

Hello, getting cubase 12 AI with my new Yamaha THR5A amp. After installing cubase on my iMac wire Ventura 13.1 I am not able to get any input or output. Trying the ASIO driver THR5A (which I can see) and even using the internal audio system for output let me hear nothing. Garageband works.
I have read that there might be a problem with rights on the Mac?!?
Can you help as I can’t find any installation guide or something like that on the internet.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Make sure Cubase has enabled Mic in the System Preferences, please.
Open macOS System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Microphone. Enable Cubase here.


Thank you. It is enabled!


any further ideas?


Could you please attach a screenshot of the Studio > Audio Connections > Outputs?

here please:

I have also heard, that there could be problems with permission:
I found this what should help:
sudo codesign --force --deep --sign - /Applications/Cubase\
sudo xattr -d -r /Applications/Cubase\
problem with my installation:

  • I don’t have an directory “cubase” and
  • changing the app name from to Cubase LE AI Elements ended in the message “no such file or directory” ???


At the moment of the screenshot, you were using the built-in Audio Device, right?

You need to write:
Cubase\ LE\ AI\ Elements\
for the console.

Question: Yes

Console: Won’t work (see screenshot)


I don’t think you copied the string as I wrote it. There must be space after the \ symbol, same as it was here:


thank you. But the same thing! I also thing there is no directory “cubase” (see shot)


The space before the “12” number is bigger. Try to copy this space and use it everywhere, please.


sorry, but I did not understand. What di you mean by " The shave is bigger"? … and what space should I copy for what?

Thanks again


Sorry autocorrection… I fixed the post, now. Try to copy the "\ " before the number 12 and paste it instead of all space symbols. Console cannot write “CubaseLEAIElements doesn’t exist” message. There must be a space “Cubase LE AI Elements” in the text, what console writes down. If not then the symbol is not correct.

ok, try to copy it n change.

Retyped the whole command, now: “error: The specified item could not be found in the keychain.” ???


Could you attach the screenshot from the Applications folder, where is Cubase sitting, please?

here please


I’m running out of ideas…

The sound works with other applications, right?

Have you tried to delete Cubase preferences, please?

No, how can I do this?


Cubase Preferences folders are:
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase X
Win: %appData% Steinberg/Cubase X_64

Backup to folder (ZIP it or move it to other location) and delete it, please. Next time Cubase will start with the factory settings.


under preferences, there is nothing with “cubase” in its name??? May be that’s the reason?