No sound with Halion when changing to drum editor.

I’m probably being a spanner here but I have an issue that I can’t quite get my head around, hopefully you guys can push me in the right direction :slight_smile:

I have Cubase Ai7 running alongside a UR22. So far I have setup my drivers for yamaha drivers (Device Setup) and my I/O’s for audio. I can record and playback audio fine I am happy to report.

I selected the Rock template (MIDI drums, guitar audio, etc) and everything plays back fine by default. There are some example drums that playback via the Halion fine via the key editor, but when I change over to the Drum Editor there is no longer any sound. I have selected the GM Map but no luck, if I go back to key editor without drum map, the sound is back. Have also attempted to create my own drum map and route some notes to both the Halion and the UR22 to see if either work (it says Track by default). I’m obviously missing some routing on the output somewhere as I can see the MIDI notes are being triggered on the Output meter on the track but have tried several configurations with the drum editor without success.

The way I see it, it should work with the following:
Track Input: All Midi devices
Track Output: Halion
Drum Map: GM Map

I also notice that in the MIDI control panel my Steinberg UR22 IO is set as inactive, though I think this would only matter if I was using an external MIDI controller, however, I cannot see how to activate this IO either.

Thanks for your time,

Ok, I’ve found the solution for anyone interested who may face a similar conundrum:

The below is correct as suspected:
Track Input: All Midi devices
Track Output: Halion Sonic SE
Drum Map: GM Map

But you also have to open up the Halion instrument itself, go to the Multiple Banks on the left of the screen, select a drum kit from the drop down menu on Bank 10.

This is just an extra step I wasn’t aware of. Thankfully the flashing light for the note triggers on the Halion GUI on Bank 10 was the giveaway!!

All sorted.