No sound with headphones and bluetooth device

Hello everybody!
I looked up the forum, but didn´t find any help. The same with the youtube tutorials. I have some problems with the audio output of Dorico:

  1. There is just an audio output using the built in loud speakers (MacBook Pro 2018 13 inch, latest MacOS version; Dorico Pro: latest version)
  2. There is no sound when I want to use headphones at the built in jack plug, the sound still comes out of the built in loudspeakers, which is useless when I want to work in busses, trains, plains etc. (MacOs system recognizes the headphones, but not Dorico)
  3. There is no chance to use a bluetooth loud speaker. My Riva Turbo X is listed in Dorico, but there is no stereo output shown in the audio device dialog. The green transport line doesn´t move any more, if I want to have a playback. I have to restart Dorico and just can work on with the App without the bluetooth device.

What shall I do? I´m not interested in complicated solutions, additional hardware, whatever. I just want to compose with Dorico, I just want to hear something when I plug headphones or loudspeakers. Thats all.

Thanks in advance!
All the best from Vienna!

Can we safely assume you’ve read the pinned thread at the top of the forum, here?

Thank you!
I already know this thread and and the listed solutions.
Thats why I ask …

Thank you!
I already know this thread and and the listed solutions. Nothing works.
Thats why I ask …

Quoting me isn’t going to help the fact that I’m travelling at 100mph (on a train) right now, and am not in a position to help you. I just thought we ought to clear the extremely obvious things out of the way first. Someone else will chip in, I’m sure.

Thank you. And sorry, I´m not really used to this forum and its techniques. Have a good travel!

Have you read this? It looks like exactly what you’re talking about:

And in regards to BlueTooth, I have 2 headsets of different makers working with my MacMini, so there is no problem in general with it.
Would you please try switching to your BT headset in Dorico and then choose from the main menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report
That creates a zip file on your desktop, please send it to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’.

Thank you, Pianoleo!
With your hint I made the non-wireless headset working. :wink: The Bluetooth connection still is not working. Mr Stoermer from Steinberg is kindly helping me now. Thanks a lot to both of you! :slight_smile: