No sound with Midi data registering

Hi there,

I have no sound coming when I press keys on my midi controller with any patch selected. My midi data is being received as I can see the audio activity moving as I press a key however I hear nothing. I have added screenshots of this as well as my audio output menu which hopefully helps.

Thank you


As far as I can see, as an Audio Device you are using integrated sound card HD Realtek (with ASIO4ALL). Do you want to use this one, or do you want to use MOX as an Audio Device too?

If you are going to use Realtek, double check the ASIO4ALL settings, please. If you are going to use MOX, set this as an ASIO driver in the Studio Setup > VST Audio System.

Hi there,

I swapped between the two doing a full restart on the programme and no sound was produced on either. My MOXF has no speakers so I don’t want to use it.


Are your speakers connected to the right outputs on the Realtek? Can you hear any sound from other application?

Could you attach a screenshot of ASIO4ALL settings, please?

Hi there,

I have attached my settings, I have sound in every other programme I use. My speakers are on board my monitor which is connected via display port.
Asio settings.JPG
Monitor sound.JPG

You have Windows set to DisplayPort audio (nVidia High Definition Audio), but ASIO4ALL set to your Realtek sound card. nVidia HIgh Definition Audio is not showing in ASIO4ALL at all.

On my system, nVidia High Definition Audio shows in the Steinberg Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver. I would try that ASIO driver to see if it works with your current setup.

As you don’t have any other external audio interface, the best performance on your system will likely be to install the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver for your MOXF (if it is not already installed), select the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO driver and connect headphones or speakers to your MOXF.