No sound with Qutest "CHORD ASync USB 44,1kHz-768kHz" in Steinberg apps

Hello, I’m a music producer and I use Qutest from CHORD AUDIO as a DAC on my pc Windows 10 21H2. I’m able to use Qutest in many situation with the USB cable. I can listen to music and even create song in the DAW REASON 12. After, I need to go mixing and mastering. I would like to use the usb cable “CHORD ASync USB 44,1kHz-768kHz” in those Steinberg applications : Cubase 11 Pro, Spectralayers 8 Pro, Wavelab 10 Pro, Wavelab 11 Pro because I can get the cleanest signal. But the issue, it’s that when I open my song or any files, even VST2 and VST3 instruments, I just get no sound in any STEINBERG apps. I use the last driver ASIO CHORD 1.05. I’ve tried with ASIO4ALL and generic lower latency asio driver 64bit and I still can’t get any sound.

Thanks in advance for your help!