no sound working in mediabay

been having problems with my mediabay since i got c6. basically, sometimes loops would not audition whilst the track was playing ( every 3-5th loop or sample - the guide passed over the wave form and no sound came out ). when i stop the track in the arrangement window, every sample and loop played fine.

i removed the sample folder and re indexed it in the media bay - same thing.

now, all of a sudden, no samples or loops will sound in the mediabay, even if the track in the arrangement window isnt playing. Again the bar moves across the waveform like it is playing only no sound comes out at all.

cubase 5, the same sample folder works perfectly.

Iam going to try 6.02 and rebuild the mediabay again and see what happens, but i remember last time i installed 6.02 it never fixed my first problem.

Can i get some help from a steinberg employee?

Doesnt steinberg need all the users they can hang onto in the electronic music scene? will definately be joining the majority and going to logic if these kinds of problems are not ironed out very soon. im spending all my time trying to get cubase working correctly and no time making music.

Yep, fill out a support request form. This is a user forum, not official support.

Spend more time reading the manual instead of crying and whining and you might get somewhere with the program. :unamused:

I could answer your questions, but since you only seem to want a Steinberg employee to burp you, I’ll move on. :wink:

thanks for your cocky reply mate. As you have proven, you are much more experienced at this than me. if you were here id give you a pat on the back.

Where in the manual does it deal with this problem? nowhere. Thats what the forum is for. Sorry i posted it in the wrong area and made you waste your time replying when you could have been cleaning and polishing all your 1st place medals and trophies.

thanks for your reply champ, but go be a steinberg superstar somewhere else. You wouldnt be able to work this out anyway, ace.

Issue’s been covered multiple times before, mate. What kind of response did you expect to your throw the toys out of the pram post? Obviously the same mommy gives you.

Oh, not only do I have the medals, I also have the chest to pin them on. :mrgreen:

cute :slight_smile: thanks again, ace.

hey guys, if anyone else has this problem, mine was due to my control room not being setup correclty. Here is a video explaining how to get the sound working with the control room mixes and how to setup extra mixes.

my mediabay still randomly doesnt play some sounds but.

Could have saved you a lot of time if you’d have been a little more courteous in your opening post. :mrgreen:

@mashedmitten - Love the profile Pic.

@jpetrou - If you have not solved this yet, it could be something as simple as Going to VST Connections (F4) under the Devices tab, clicking on studio on the far right hand side, and disabling the Control Room with the power button. Go back to Outputs and make sure they are set up. Try now.

Perhaps that a too simple fix, just a thought as I had no sound the other day in media bay and noticed I had turned on control at some point which is what was causing the problem.

Hang in there with Cubase, its brilliant when it gets working.

@mashedmitten - Just wanted to say thanks for the post on solving this issue with the media bay. I had read the manual many times but could not find a solution. Joined the forum and “hey presto” - the answer. I have now can audition sounds.

Huge appreciation and thanks,

Jay Cee :smiley: