I’m very new to DAW’s on PC. I’ve been using Logic for about 10 years and IO is super easy on MAC. I’m running Windows 10 v.1809. Cubase 10 was just downloaded through the assistant so it should be the updated version.
I can see the meters working but no sound comes out. I’ve went into the settings and even installed Asio4all but maybe I’m not doing it right.
Can anyone help me to get started? Thanks

More info will help us help you…

Did you record audio or midi?
What audio device are you using?
Any VSTs inserted?
Screenshot of the Studio Setup/VST Audio System menu
Screenshot of the Audio Connections/Input & Output tabs menus
Screenshot of the Project screen showing the assigned I/Os in the Inspector
Screenshot of the Project screen showing Track Controls

We need this info because this could be as easy as you having a audio track monitor function enabled during playback.

Regards :sunglasses:

Studio\StudioSetup\Vst Audio System, then change the DRIVER or Interface you you are using.