No Sound...

I am running Cubase Pro 10.5 on Windows 10, and not getting any sound.

I have LG Ultrawide (NVIDIA High Definition Audio) and Bose QC35II running on bluetooth.

I go to Studio… Studio Setup… VST Audio System: the only driver that shows up is “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver” and I get no sound.

I downloaded a program called ASIO4ALL… that shows up under Studio Setup… VST Audio System, and now Cubase recognizes my Bose headphones, but I still get no sound.

I unhook the headphones, and I get no sound.

Cubase is the ONLY software on my computer that does not have sound working. What do I need to do to start using this software?

I have the same issue, with Elements. Also tried ASIO4all, since ‘generic driver’ didn’t work.
Using Sound Blaster X-fi Surround 5.1 Pro. Tried different tutorials and all combinations of settings.
No sound.

Managed to fix this, maybe it will help others.

For me, the problem was with ASIO4ALL. There was a conflict between ASIO4ALL and the Nvidia driver used by my Quadro graphics card.

I bought an audio interface (Focusrite Scarlet) which has its own native ASIO driver…that solved the issue.

Basically, for some systems, you need a native ASIO driver and the generic drivers supplied by Steinberg or the freeware ASIO4ALL will not work.

On my part, I updated drivers and found Creative Sound Blaster ASIO, and it works.
But to be honest I tried so many different things that I can’t be sure what actually worked.
But the good news is it works even with a simple external soundcard.