no sound

I’m running win.7 w/intel i5, lexicon Alpha interface …when I start a new or old project in Cubase le5 I may or may not get any connection/sound right away, after a few minutes sound. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstall. both Lex. Alpha and Cubase, no change. When I’m working in Acid 6 I can flip through projects and get playback no problems. In Cubase its, device setup, reset,ok…then wait…and wait…P.S. this only just started recently. Any ideas, thanks

Hi - I’m not sure if this applies to your setup …but here goes. I recently started using LE5 with a Tascam US600 and was getting my I/O audio to work only intermittently. System appeared very unstable. I discovered that when I unplugged the USB cable from the computer, waited a few second and then plugged it back into the computer the I/O audio showed up and was stable. So now I unplug the USB cable before I start the program and plug it in once the program is up and it works fine. It is a PITA but I haven’t found a way to make it work without doing this - yet.


No help, still, in Acid I can switch between projects and get playback, Cubase no immediate playback, its start, stop, rewind, start and then maybe playback/record. I had a lexicon lambda w/ le3 and never had this problem. I like the look of le5 but this is a bit aggravating, thanks anyway, Rewop