No Sound

Hello i have gone from using logic on a mac to now using cubase elements 7 on my new windows PC

I am new to this and i can’t get no sound, The sound bars go up and down when there is sound but no audio is coming out. Nothing is on mute… If i play audio outside of cubase it works fine. I can’t find anywhere, where i can select what input and outputs i want…

Press f4!

I have done, It doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t give me no options at all just my sound card driver…

Basically I want guitar rig (rig control) as a input put i can’t get no sound from it just really loud feedback also when i take my speakers from the line out and plug it into the headset input i can get sound when testing addictive drums, But still nothing from Rig control when i want to record guitar…

Go to Devices > select Device Setup > VST Audio Setup and select your Card’s Asio Driver.

Then you go to F4 and select your inputs and outputs.

I hope that helps.

Still don’t get it… I had a play around with all that stuff before and nothing…

Attached are some screenshots.

Have you gone into devices and followed my original instruction?
I have a feeling that you have not connected the Asio drivers to Cubase. The illustrations that you have shown are for the inputs and outputs for the soundcard. If the Asio driver is not connected it will not work and there will be no sound to be routed through the mixer.

Click on Devices at the top of the arrange window - then select Device Setup, which is at the bottom of the pop-up list > then choose VST Audio Setup and select your Card’s Asio Driver in the selection window.

I hope that helps.

See the section “Setting up the VST connections” in the Quick Start Guide.

I’ve already had a look there and it seems to be set to my sound card

Attached is a screenshot

After you select that one, Goto the next option under it
(Asus Xonar ASIO Driver (64) ) and Enable/Make visible the I/O’s for the card then goto F4 and select the corresponding I/O’s.

Also, If you don’t see any I/O on the next option it may be because some sound cards need to have their I/O’s “enabled” within their own Control Panel.


Nothing is still working…
Why does every other sound work part from cubase?

Ok update…

I have put the jack into a different input and now when testing addictive drums in cubase i seem to be getting sound… but when i have cubase open i can’t get sound from any other program… but when i close cubase sound on everything else seems to work.

Ok when i try test my gutiar through guitar rig i just get loud feedback and no sound from my guitar?
Im plugged upto my rigcontrol which is connected it via usb

but when i have cubase open i can’t get sound from any other program

This is normal behaviour…Using an ASIO driver in Windows generally stops that driver being available to other programs. If you tick release driver in background then you won’t need to close Cubase but still only one program at a time can play audio.
If you really need to have 2 applications accessing the audio driver simultaneously you need to research the workarounds…maybe using 2 audio devices or perhaps using ASIO4all driver.

when i try test my gutiar through guitar rig i just get loud feedback

So have you gone back into the audio setup and selected the rigcontrol driver instead of your xonar?

That is generally true, but if your sound card has more than one pair of stereo outputs you can assign one pair to the other applications you want to use.

Yes i went back and changed it and i am getting no sound at all

Also i will need to have access to 2 applications

The sound card i have is Asus Xonar DG 5.1 i thought this was a good soundcard meaning i dont get why i am having many problems

I have had a look at the Asus Xonar DG card online. It is a very low spec card for music. Ii is mainly a gamers PCi card. This might be why you are having issues.

Perhaps it might be a good idea if you give us a complete run-down of your computer and outboard gear specs. I feel that you may be asking your soundcard to do something it can’t do. For instance which Guitar Rig interface are you using. this will affect the advice we can give.

Well i thought when purchasing my PC it would be better choice then to have just the standard onboard?

Im using the Rig kontrol 3 with guitar rig 5
Attached is sound controllers from device manager

Computer specs
intel core i7 quad core 3.70ghz
16gb ram beast 2400mhz
4gb amd radeon r9 290

I don’t know whether you have seen this?

I take it you have looked through the Kontrol manual carefully?

You should be able to use Rig Kontrol as a sound card.

my function buttons don’t do anything in cubase, they only do mac functions. How do i make it so they do?

Yes i have already done all that. Basically i have set it up and installed it the way i did on my mac for logic and it worked perfect on that. What i am getting is loud feedback when i have it set to ASIO but when i have it set to rig kontrol and strum my guitar you can see the volume bars go up and down but no sound, and no sound from other instruments either but i do get sound when i have it set to ASIO but not from guitar rig