No sound

I’ve ran into this a couple of times now and I can’t figure out what is going wrong.

I’ve created a document with some layout and notation settings which I use as a “default” document, in which I add the instruments and/or ensembles I need. (This since it’s not yet possible to save/export the layout settings)

It works fine in the first score I’m using this document, but when I’m later on trying to re-use it, adding/deleting some instruments it seems like it totally looses contact with the mixer and the Aria player. The Dorico mixer doesn’t update with the new instruments and there are no reaction at all neither in the Dorico mixer nor in the Aria player.
If I restart Dorico all the samples are loaded correctly and if I play on the Aria player keyboard it sounds correctly.

I’ve also tried to change to the HSO player with the same result. (134 KB)

Hm, all very strange. A first quick look at the data reveals nothing unusual, but I will have a closer look as well.

I don’t have that Aria Play, but you say it also happens with the HSO player. Could you please post an example for that case as well?

I tried changing to HSO in that document too. Does it work for you if you change to HSO?

Not straight away. Sometimes I can make it sound again, sometimes not.

If I instantiate a new player like HALion Sonic or HSO, then always sound comes out when I play on the virtual keyboard in the plug-ins editor window, but not when I hit the Play button in Dorico. Even if I change the assignments in the Play Mode window, where I can connect players to the VST instruments, still no sound, i.e. Dorico isn’t sending MIDI data to the audio engine.

So something is broken there on the Dorico side, someone from the London team needs to have a look.

That’s exactly my experience too. It seems like there’s no signal leaving from Dorico to the sample player.

I’ve taken a look at this file, and there’s something very strange internally - some of the instruments don’t have any internal playback data. I’ve no idea how this could have happened, I’ve not seen that before. If I do Apply Default Template then thsi resets the internal playback data and it plays back correctly for me. I would recommend doing that, and then creating Aria and reassigning the instruments to it, and saving that as your new score template.

Thanks Paul!

Yes, this is really strange and it happens every now and then. The only thing I’ve done is editing the master pages and also some notation and layout options which I’ve saved as Default for Full Scores and Parts.

If I do Apply Default Template then thsi resets the internal playback data and it plays back correctly for me

How do I do this?

Do you have any plan for when it’l be possible to export/import the layout settings? (i.e. something like the Sibelius House Styles)

Easy, go to Play Mode and then choose the menu item Play > Apply Default Playback Template

I’m glad that sorted the problem.

I couldn’t tell you when we’re likely to do the layout options import/export, just that (as with many other things) ‘it’s on the list’.

Now I know at least what to do in when this happens! :slight_smile: