No sound.,,,

What am I doing wrong please? I can record a track but the only I can play it back and hear it through monitor is if I left click the mouse and leave it down. If I press play I get no sound

I’m obviously doing something wrong

Any help please?

Click the mouse on what? If you press the space bar does it play? Have you left the track on monitor?

I’m brand new to this so sorry

When I right click the mouse a little menu comes up with I small speaker icon. I then left click the mouse on the track and it plays while you remain clicked.

At the bottom there is play, stop, record etc

When I press play the arrow goes green, the bar moves along the track but no sound comes out

I’m pretty sure I’ve not muted anything

And everything I can see is on monitor ie orange but I’ve tried both ways

And weirdly as I’m recording track it plays through the monitors perfectly. I’m using HX Stomp into Cubase and that seems set up Ie I can record a track I can hear what I playing through the monitor and I can play back a track through monitored but only in the left mouse click method and I think one track at a time

I read somewhere to highlight track and shift-U but doesn’t make any difference

I haven’t tried Spacebar yet I ve just clicked green arrow


How is the Audio Connections > Outputs (or Control Room, if you use it) setup?

This is how I get it to play with left mouse click and hold down so everything hardware must be connected ok


If you play the track back, make sure, the Monitor button is disabled on the track.

I press space bar and it runs but no sound

It’s disabled


Btw, the overall screenshot would give us more info.

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the monitor button (orange speaker) enables the input on that track to get heard… it just needs to be on during recording


Space bar is the key command to trigger play, and the green arrow is the on screen button for the same function… play

we need screenshots (you can do that with the snipping tool in Win10) with some more overview, to see whats going on