No sounds in Halion or Groove agent

I’ve installed Cubase 10 pro. There are no sounds in Halion SE or Groove Agent SE. The preset names are there, but no sounds. How can I find these sounds? There is of course the media bay, but I can’t see a way of linking the instruments in question with the media bay. How do I populate these instruments?
As I recall, Halion should show a series of tone generators (Flux and all the others), but it’s an empty shell…
This is on Windows 10.


I would say the libraries are not installed.

Make sure you have downloaded the Full Installer. Then unzip the file and install from the setup.exe (not MSI). The whole content should be installed.

No sound on Groove Agent SE5 after the Cubase 10.5 (PC) installation. All other stock plugins work perfect.
Also, every time I load the Groove Agent a notification appears for missing wav file (cymbal mostly).


Reinstall Cubase 10.5 from the Full Installer, please. The library will be installed again, what will fix the issue.

The Installer has an additional content folder as well where the VST Sound Libraries are located. On Mac if we double click it it installs the VST Sound Library, not sure on Windows.

What Martin said though