No sounds on playback

Hello, new user here looking to change platforms. I installed Dorico on my mac, it was unclear where I was supposed to install those libraries but I made my best guess. I wrote four bars of music but when I play back, nothing. It will play the click if I have it selected but that’s it. My trial will run out soon so if I can’t get this sorted out, looks like I’m back to my old software!

Welcome to the forum, Jake. The simplest way to make sure everything is installed is to let Steinberg Download Assistant do the heavy lifting for you. Run SDA, and in the list of products on the left-hand side, find whichever flavour of Dorico you’re using (i.e. either Dorico Pro 5, Dorico Elements 5, or Dorico SE 5), and select that. Now you will see a list of download choices on the right, and in the top right-hand corner a button that says Install All.

Click Install All and wait for all the progress bars to turn green. (If you have a reasonably fast Internet connection, this won’t take longer than a couple of minutes.)

Now run Dorico again, and hopefully you’ll find that everything plays back as it should. If an existing project doesn’t have sound, go to Play > Playback Template and double-click the HSSE+HSO (Pro) template (or another of the factory templates) to re-apply the playback template.

Once everything is working as it should, you can delete the Steinberg folder in your Downloads folder where everything that SDA downloaded has been left.

It’s telling me I need to download HALion Symphonic Orchestra, but I’ve downloaded everything in the SDA and it’s not on the list.

It looks like you might have chosen Dorico Elements 5 rather than Dorico Pro 5, because the HALion Symphonic Orchestra choice is missing from the list of downloads. Double-check in SDA that you did choose Dorico Pro 5 on the left-hand side.