No sounds when buffer rate is less than 384

Please help me!

I’m trying to lower my latency by lowering my buffer rate and it seems that there is no sounds when I go below 384 which gives me an annoying 16ms latency (which is slightly too much). All my drivers are up to date and what is even weird, is that I can easily go below 384 with FL studio, however, it begins to glitch a little bit at 192 (I can go at 8ms which is kind of my limit to be confortable to play). Why it doesn’t work with cubase??

Here’s my gear below

PC :windows 10 - 16Gb RAM - i7-8550U
Sound Card : Saffire 6 USB (driver 1.10.128)
Asio4all (driver 2.14)
Cubase Pro 10.0.20

Thank you very much!!


Try using whatever driver Focusrite supplies with the Saffire interface. They should be better optimized for the interface as far as I know. Asio4all is just a generic driver.

PS: I see you state the Saffire driver, but you should select to use that driver in Cubase. It’s in some device setup window or whatever it’s called.