No stabilization of the Clock Source and the Sample Rate

Since a few days, my utterly beloved MR is not recognize as an Audio Interface by my computeur. When I open It, the Clock Source and the Sample Rate lamps flash sequencially without stopping. In the Device Manager in the “Sound, Video and Game Controller” section, the line “Yamaha Steinberg FW WDM Audio” is not there anymore. Both others are there(Bus and Series).
Is someone can help me on this problem?
An other thing, I had a little problem when my MR was good between the open of Cubase and Finale. Finale closed hit with the message of windows (Windows is looking for a Solution…); and the second time I opened it I was able to hear hit sounds by the MR. May be there is a relation?
A last thing, When I deconnect the MR to the computer, The lamps stop…
Thank’s a lot for your answers. :confused:


As long as you have the latest driver and firmware installed here:

I would try the following:

Shut down the computer. Shut down the MR816. Press and hold the Pad button and the number 1 Encoder knob (pushes in like a button), then turn on the power. Continue holding in the #1 encoder knob and Pad button until there are 3 lights showing on the encoder knobs. Release the buttons and the system will flash 3 times and then complete its reboot. When the flashing stops, the operation is completed and the MR816 CSX/MR816 X starts normally with the factory settings. Restart the computer.

Thank’s so much for your answer.
I 'll try as soon as possible and I tell you. :slight_smile:

Hello Monsieur Jeff,

A thousand of thank you from the deep of mine.
My MR816CSX has started again and I can work with hit!!

Long and Happy life to you.

In a friendly way.

Laurent Chognot