No Staff Rhythm?

Dear All,

I am working on a worksheet for my students. I want to have a written rhythm but there can not be a visible staff. How does one create this in Dorico Pro 3.


There’s a file with a 0-line stave attached to this post. Because it’s a MusicXML hack, the limitation is that you have to open the file directly. You cannot import it into an existing Dorico project, and you cannot export the flow and import that into another Dorico project.

If you read further down that thread, you’ll see mention of Florian Kretlow’s Metrico font, which may suffice depending on the complexity of the rhythm you wish to notate.

Thank you so much. Just started using Dorico and the ability to hide staves that I used to have in Sibelius that Dorico doesn’t have yet was a really bummer.