no steinberg houston support?

i use a steinberg houston controller and just noticed theres no option to use it in the studio settings in c11.
ive not got time to check it out tonight but can anyone from steinberg help me is it working in c11?thanks

ive been trying today too get my houston too work with c11 but its not…can anyone help pleasse?ive been using this houston for years and years and love it so would really hope it an be used with c11…its working fine in c10.5 because its already built into the device manager its a choosable device but in c11 its missing which is weird.

Can you try to copy the corresponding component file for the Houston from the 10.5 install to the 11

This is not good news especially as it’s Steinberg hardware , they had better not do the same to the CMC and CC121 at the same age

There is no Steinberg Houston Component present in the 10.5 folders… I’ve done a search on my system and there is no separate file for the Houston. I’m disappointed too as I still enjoy my Houston and it works 100% fine in Pro 10.5.
I hope there is a (non-official) workaround to get it back in Pro 11 because I’m not planning on buying a new controller… :imp:

same here i dont want to buy another controller because out of all the ones ive had over the years nothing comes close to houstons integration in cubase.
im sure there must be a file somewere which is the houston setting because its in every single version of cubase going back to cubase sx.
if we can find the file or dll i want to see if it can be copied too work in c11.

I doubt it. I think it’s integrated in the Cubase executable. I hope Steinberg can make a comment about this and provide a workaround of some sorts. This will make me stick to 10.5 for the moment.

Steinberg Houston is no longer listed in the Remote Controller Devices PDF for Cubase 11, and coupled with the fact that it doesn’t appear in the Remote Devices menu in the program itself, likely safe to say this is by design. I’ve been using Houston since 2002 and it still works perfectly, and with deeper integration than anything that has come out since at a reasonable and comparable price point. Love the quiet non-clicky transport and function buttons. Anyway, probably not enough of us to warrant keeping the integration, so for now I will keep Nuendo 10.3 and Cubase 10.5 at their current levels and pass on the upgrade. Maybe we’ll eventually hear something from Steinberg about this… Yeah, I know, bloody unlikely :wink:

I didn’t see any information about the missing integration of the Houston and so I unfortunately did the upgrade to C11.
I’ll keep using 10.5 and never update to further versions unless this feature is restored or at least a workaround is available. :angry:

I’m guessing you’ve seen this ?

I have just received the official confirmation from Steinberg Support that the Steinberg Houston Controller is no longer supported by Cubase 11.

maybe they have a new controller coming, some sort of affordable smaller entry level Nuage system, that’d be cool.

A new Steinberg controller is way overdue… if Yamaha can invest in Nuage Systems that apparently support pro tools they have no excuse for not supporting Cubase ( their lifeblood software) as Eucon support is not good.
A dedicated 8 -16 fader controller unit for Cubase is a no brainer. I can’t even begin to imagine how many people would buy an item such as this. :smiley:

I don’t think this is about a ‘new controller’, more about the forced obsolescence of the Houston controller in Cubase 11.

It happens far too much in Tech and there should be laws against it.

There will be someone who hacks a workable implementation though, I’m sure.

Timo has confirmed over in the nuendo forums that they are bringing the Houston back


Really? Do you have a link to that post?

Never mind, found it! NUENDO 11 available now - The Gold Standard for Professional Audio - #44 by TimoWildenhain

This is amazing news. I hope they bring it back really soon!

I just upgraded to Cubase 11 from 10.5 and my Houston is working fine in Cubase 11. The trick may have been to accept the old program settings from the dialog box that appeared when I first ran the program after the update. Otherwise, maybe it is possible that Steinberg put back in Houston functionality as of Cubase