No Steinberg Summer Sale?

I want to throw money at you. How about putting some Groove Agent 4 expansion bundles on sale, or perhaps something new and unexpected such as a Cubase Pro -> Wavelab Pro crossgrade offer?

See alexis’s post here: 8.5 upgrade 40% off …
I didn’t get the email newletter (at least not yet) but it would seem that’s it … Steinberg don’t do WTF-style sales.

Perhaps, because you are already on v8.5 you won’t be receiving news of an offer - to upgrade to v8.5…?

just thinking out loud… :slight_smile:

(PS:- I’m fully signed up with SB’s mail lists, and not had any such news yet either…)

I did get it, and I’m on 8.0
Interestingly enough, I got one for Artist, and one for Pro, even though I own Pro already…

Yeah, funny. It was in answer to the OP’s question.

Is there any special offers from Steinberg to upgrade from Cubase AI 8 to Cubase Pro 8.5 in this July ??? I’m waiting for it …

Looks like $449.00 is your price approximately depending where you are. That’s $100 off the full price. No doubt about it, you got a freebie with an interface, so you have to pay big to join the Pro club I guess. You could go to Elements and then upgrade gradually, that’s how I got started back around version 3… takes some time. On the other hand, if you have $$$ now, I’d go for it. :sunglasses: