No Stereo Input..?!

Hi, I’m having a real stupid problem at the moment.

I’ve started a new project on my macbook in Cubase 5. I’ve sequenced in a load of VST stuff and I was just about to record some synth.

Suddenly I’m not getting any input into cubase.
I’m using a ZOOM TAC-2 audio interface, which IS receiving signal. The mac settings also indicates that it is receiving a signal, but Cubase won’t do a thing for me.

BUT, if I go into an older project and open a audio track, everything works fine.
Now if I open a brand new blank project, I can’t get anything.

I’ve spent a couple of hours now looking through the Device Setup and I can’t see anything that’s different…
Any help would be brilliant!

are you meaning with; I´m not getting any input into cubase, MIDI-signals or Audio-signals? (because you wrote before you´ve load in alot of vst stuff and you was just about to record some synths)

may you´ve did something in the preferences, which only effects on new projects, and older ones going to to work fine, because they´re influenced by this setting.?

Just fixed it. Had to delete and re-create the input bus in VST Connections