No Stereo Input..?!

Hi, I’m using Cubase 5, but I’m posting in here as I figured there’d be more chance of a response and I doubt there’s much difference between 5 & 8 with the input settings…

I’m having a real stupid problem at the moment.

I’ve started a new project on my macbook in Cubase 5. I’ve sequenced in a load of VST stuff and I was just about to record some synth.

Suddenly I’m not getting any input into cubase.
I’m using a ZOOM TAC-2 audio interface, which IS receiving signal. The mac settings also indicates that it is receiving a signal, but Cubase won’t do a thing for me.

BUT, if I go into an older project and open a audio track, everything works fine.
Now if I open a brand new blank project, I can’t get anything.

I’ve spent a couple of hours now looking through the Device Setup and I can’t see anything that’s different…
Any help would be brilliant!

In the new project, are the VST Connections (inputs) setup and connected to the audio interface?

Yep, everything is hooked up to my interface as it should be. Left and Right are connected to inputs 1 and 2.

Btw, I have the same problem with a mono track. Absolutely no sound getting into cubase.

Here are my settings for my old projects versus projects that now open.

I can’t see anything out of place. Any suggestions??


Did you try to get some audio into the Mac, but outside of Cubase? I am on Win10 myself, but I guess there is some recording functionality in OSX? This way you can test if it is Cubase, or something else… Maybe try the Skype audio test?

hope this helps.

Hi, yeah I’m definitely getting signal into the mac. And I can get signal into my old projects, just not new ones.

Here you can see the signal in system preferences

And here you can see the signal into the Zoom app

I posted the same thing in gearsluts less than 1 mins ago. Now my inputs are working correctly! :smiley:

The fix is as follows:

Go to VST Connections > Inputs > delete current bus > create new bus, linked up to the audio interface