No such file or directory

On windows I have a problem with opening dorico files from the windows explorer. If dorico is running or the hub then I get the error message: “no such file or directory”. No problem if dorico is not running. Also there is no problem to open a file inside dorico with file/open. May be this is an windows problem?

Does the file name contain a comma or other punctuation character? If Dorico is already running then opening a Dorico file will start a new instance of Dorico, but that will just pass a message to the other instance with the filename and then it quits. If there is a special character in the filename then that may reveal a bug in how we encode that message.

No, it happens with all files.


If you go to Dorico’s Preferences and scroll down to the ‘Files’ portion of ‘General’, there is an option to ‘Show complete path for recent files’.

What happens if you check/tick this and then view the full path and file name of a Dorico file which is giving trouble?

Can you, by any chance, see any inconsistencies there?

No inconsistencies here. Anyway I think this is not the point. If I download a Dorico file from this forum and try to open it then I get the mentioned error message (I mean “open with” in windows).

Uwe, what happens if you go the other way?
Open Dorico, then “open other” and navigate to the .dorico file.

Yes k_b, I mentioned it.

There may be some clues in the application log file. Try choosing Help/Create Diagnostic Report and attach the Dorico file that it leaves on the desktop

Here you are.
Dorico (352 KB)

It certainly looks as if the comma in the filename is not being escaped properly:

2017-07-15 12:08:51.338 : Received message from other instance: M:\Partituren\Dorico-Projekte\Johnston, David A. - Minitüden.dorico
2017-07-15 12:08:51.339 : Executing command: File.Open?File=M:/Partituren/Dorico-Projekte/Johnston\, David A. - Minitüden.dorico
2017-07-15 12:08:51.345 : Opening file: M:/Partituren/Dorico-Projekte/Johnston
2017-07-15 12:08:59.537 : no such file or directory 

2017-07-15 12:08:59.538 : Opening file:  David A. - Minitüden.dorico
2017-07-15 12:09:01.266 : no such file or directory 

2017-07-15 12:09:01.266 : Amending command: File.Open?File=M:/Partituren/Dorico-Projekte/Johnston
2017-07-15 12:09:01.270 : notifyPostCommandExecute: File.Open?File=M:/Partituren/Dorico-Projekte/Johnston\, David A. - Minitüden.dorico

So this is something we’ll need to take a look at.

Hi, I’m having similar problems from time to time. When i try to open a file from the Windows Explorer with e.g. an “ö”, “ä” or “ü” in the file name, I get an error message. Opening the file inside Dorico is no problem.
I hope this problem will be resolved one day.

This has been an irritation to me for the past two years, though obviously small, as life problems go…

I’ve resorted to omitting commas from file names, so as to avoid this error message.