No Support for continuous pedal in cc64?

I just got two cool keyboards with half-damper ability with the sustain pedals. And come to find out Cubase locks CC64 editing to either 0 or 127? After researching I found this was indeed the case. I’m hoping with the new Cubase, is there perhaps a preference setting where I can allow continuous data in the CC64 lane?

Unfortunately, that is still the case in Cubase 6.
Did you find the forum post, explaining how to convert CC#64 into, for example, CC#63 (which is continuous) on its way in, via the Input Transformer, then convert it back to CC#64 on its way out again, via the Transformer Insert FX?

Thanks, no I didn’t see that post. Was just over here trying to do the same thing. Got as far as making a Transformer in one direction, unfortunately it doesn’t move the continuous data permanently to a channel that has continuous support (i.e. was trying to get my pedal to show up in controller lane CC11). What sucks is the data IS recorded but doesn’t show up visually (just in the Event List). I’ll try to find that post.


(the post will be in the old forum… so you’d probably need Google to find the post)
The Input Transformer definitely works (as does the Transformer Insert FX). Remember, they are two _differen_t things :wink: (I am just wondering if you were trying to transform the incoming data via the Transformer Insert FX?)

Right, just the Effect, so it wasn’t permanent, after your message I tracked down the (somewhat hidden) INPUT transformer! So now I have cool looking hills and valleys in CC11. So that’s cool. Thanks!

PS. I believe CC64 IS taking the continuous data, just not showing it, but then I wonder if it’s also truncating/rounding what it gives back?

Cool :wink:

In the meantime, I found a quote from the original post…

In the Input Transformer, the upper section should be…
Type … is equal … Controller … and
Value 1 … is equal … 64

and the lower section should be…
Value 1 … set to fixed value … 63

Mode = Transform (and don’t forget to activate the module).

Same thing in reverse for the Transformer FX MIDI Insert
Upper section…
Type … is equal … Controller … and
Value 1 … is equal … 63

Lower section…
Value 1 … set to fixed value … 64

P.S. You are right, the CC#64 is recorded o.k. but not displayed (unless you use the List Editor instead). The data is not truncated, but it is dangerous to try to edit intermediary values of CC#64 in the controller lane (because they are indeed there, but all represented as either CC#64=0 or CC#64=127)

Pretty crazy, especially for a very subtle effect! But I like to know what’s going on and being sent out nonetheless. Thanks for the help

Just a little research to share. I went through my various piano plug-ins and currently these plug-ins respond to half pedaling. Both are great sounding instruments. There may be others, but these are the ones I know about (maybe it’s time for Cubase to update it’s CC64 lane display):
Native Instruments Alicia’s Keys
Synthogy Ivory Pianos

I have been requesting this as an option for ages! :wink:

Steinberg NEEDS to have 3 steps on the CC#64 editor. This is not an option. It must be done to continue to stay above the other DAW competition. I cannot believe I’m going to say this, but Pro Tools is actually better at something regarding midi than Cubase…gasp…because they have the half-pedaling showing up perfectly in their midi editor. I really need this feature. It doesn’t even have to be continuous. Just 3 steps is fine! My Yamaha P-85 gives off half pedal midi signals to the computer at a value of 56. So, at least give us 0, 56, and 127. Please!

Check that. After further review, I still need to edit my half-pedal midi to a higher value for Synthogy Ivory to pick up the half pedals. The software’s half pedal sounds get activated around the value of 70-range, and my pedal itself gives off 56 as the half pedal…so yes, it would need to be more than just 3 values like I stated above. Variable is in order, for sure here.

Until then, I’ll just edit my piano midi in Pro Tools until Cubase comes out with an update that addresses this issue.

Yeah, +1 please.

They definitely should allow varied values in that lane, but I’d recommend using the transformer trick before jumping to a whole other program just to show your half-pedaling. The trick above works really great and just save the presets and you can have it up and running quickly.

I usually swap to the midi list view to edit continuous pedalling. I either go through tidying up, i.e. deleting imbetween values (which I could use a macro for probably), or I simply grab the groups of ups and downs and shift them sideways. This works for me.

Gotta say though that it’s high time Steinberg put in some more intelligent midi ‘objects’ - like being able to treat sustains like a note with length would be nice. Or being able to combine MSB and LSB values into one single value, with templates provided for obvious ones like pitch shift. And also a program change object which links to the midi device patch scripts!!


The Roland RD-700GX and quite possibly others in the range have a continuous sustain so there’s another reason for clearing this up.

I have a question regarding this: I stuck the transformer midi plugin on a midi insert, and followed along and did everything up to the “Same thing in reverse for the Transformer FX midi insert” part. When we do the reverse, are we putting it in the same transformer plugin window (by hitting the + sign and adding a new value), or are we opening another plugin somewhere else? I’m confused about the reversal process. Can somebody elaborate?

N.B. the first part of the recipe uses the Input Transformer (the “crooked arrow” icon at the top-right of the track’s Inspector), and the 2nd part of the recipe uses the Transformer MIDI FX Insert.

The Input Transformer transforms the incoming CC#64 into CC#63… and it is CC#63 that actually gets recorded into the MIDI track (so that we can edit it as a continuous controller :wink: ).
The Transformer MIDI FX Insert converts the output of the MIDI track back to CC#64

So, to recap…
The Input Transformer changes the data that actually gets recorded.
The Transformer MIDI FX Insert does not change what gets recorded, but changes the data on playback (or on thruput if playing live).

Thanks for the clarification, vic_france!

I never even noticed that input transformer, all these years using Cubase. I was extremely confused when people talked about it, because I’d never seen it before! Thanks again! I’m going to try this and report back if I have any problems. Cheers.

See next post, sorry.

I followed the instructions with the input transformer and the transformer FX midi insert and although now I am hearing the half pedal continuous effect I noticed that D# key after middle C sounds the same as E next to it. As you can guess D# and E after middle C have midi note numbers 63 and 64 respectively.
It doesnt have anything to do with my controller because it happens even with the internal Cubase qwerty keyboard.
I would appreciate your help.