No Support response to Wavelab Grace Period updated to v11 instead of v12

hi, does anyone pick up the support tickets anymore?

Raised this over a week ago and no response:

"hi, i’ve recently activated my unused activation code for update from v9.5 to v10 to update to the latest version. However, i’ve only received voucher in my account for grace period upgrade to v11.2.

I was expecting the grace period to upgrade to v12, is that correct?
If so can you advise what I need to do. "

when i updated Cubase, I got voucher for v12 then once updated got subsequent voucher for V13. However with Wavelab have no remaining vouchers for v12.

nb. can see this is a recurring issue from this thread:
Wavelab 12 Grace Period update - WaveLab - Steinberg Forums