no tech support

Is anyone having problems getting tech support? I submitted a question to tech support almost two weeks ago. No response.
Today I received an email asking if I needed further assistance, which is odd because I have not received any assistance yet.

Thats how they clear them out, just ask if you need anything else, case solved LOL, sorry. They all seem to do that. You are better off posting your question here

Steinberg needs to improve their tech support. It seems to have declined steadily over the years. This forum should not be the ONLY place to get support from a company who’s motto is that they are the most complete DAW on the market.

I no longer recommend Cubase in person and on line, mainly because of all this to do with their lack of support. I know from forums that I’m not the only one, so one must assume Steinberg is aware of that as well. But they have made a business decision, and clearly the users are in a take-it-or-leave-it position, unfortunately. Hopefully they change their business plan, and become more like the other forums where there is a technical person who answers forum questions.

Dorico and Wavelab have robust technical assistance being offered in their forums … why is Cubase so different from them, not to mention many other music-related companies?

Yeah. Looks like Cubase is in competition with Native Instruments with lack of support response. Not sure who’s winning :thinking:

Woow, that is not encouraging.
I’ve created a ticket 1 week ago because of an issue after I have updated my BIOS the eLicenser do not recognize my hard drive anymore, that makes my license for Basic FX Suite has been deactivated and Cubase crash now when I try to just load a project…
If they don’t give me assistance who will?? I need I guess a new activation code for Basic FX but in the meantime I can’t use Cubase!
I agree with you Alexis, when I see how they help you elsewhere I feel like they abandoned it…
Hope they still assist people if not they will only keep veteran customers (which one doesn’t need assistance…)

You just have to reactivate your Basic FX Suite license through your MySteinberg.

That’s all the problem, I can’t reactivate my Basic FX Suite as I don’t have a new Soft-eLicenser number.
When I open the eLicenser Control I have a message saying that the license has to be repair but the repair process fails each time I try to.
It is said in the message that to repair it, it is requiered a new Soft-eLicenser number and this number has to be provided by the seller of the license (steinberg)…
And only due to this I can’t use Cubase anymore

MERC476, I must agree with you about Native Instruments, I made a ticket once for support and they were so arrogant, they didn’t even helped me at all.

Have to say that tech support contacted me back, upon their advises my issue is fixed!
Nearly 2 weeks to get help but they apologise and solved it so they deserve it.
I knew that it would have never be worse than Native Instruments support :slight_smile: