No time signature - insert before barline

I’m working with no time signature. If I have entered some notes and added barlines, and now wish to add additional notes before a barline, I am stumped. If I select a note, enter caret mode and select insert mode, then new notes appear before the selected note. Fine. But if I select the bar line, they appear after the barline. If I select the first note after the barline, then move the caret to the note before the barline, that note gets replaced. Am I missing something? Thanks.

You can use SHIFT+B to add beats as well as measures; in the popover just enter the plus sign (+) and the number of beats followed by the abbreviation for the type of beat:
half note (h)
quarter note (q)
eighth (e)
sixteenth (x)
thirty-second (y)
“sizty”-fourth (z)


Brilliant! Thanks.

I didn’t know the “shortcuts” for 1/16, 1/32 and 1/64, thanks for that.

BTW, the + sign is not needed. You can just write, for instance, 1y in Shift+B and that’ll work too.

I didn’t know the really short shortcuts either until just recently, although I knew they existed.

I find they’re really useful in those bars, which have unmeasured time.