No time signature on a staff?

I have a piece with 4/4 on one staff and 5/4 on another. (Quarter = quarter). I want a third staff with no time signature at all. (Quarter still = quarter.)

How would I do that?



When you enter a time signature on the staff, close the pop over using Alt-Enter to make the time signature staff-independent. Enter the time signatures independently on each staff, and hide the one you want to be invisible.

You can invoke open meter by typing X into the meter pop over.

‘X’! Ha! That’s the secret sauce! Thanks!

Sorry guys, desperate for help.

At the bottom of my score I have 4 staves dedicated to what will be graphical notation for accompanied electronics (max/msp) patches etc…

I will be overlaying waveform and other graphics on these staves, therefore do not want them to display a time signature while the rest of the staes should display time signatures normally.

I tried to accompolish this using the above directions but no luck. It seems to be unpredictable and only ever separates the top most staff from the rest of staves, am I doing something wrong or is this s bug?

massively apprecaite the help.



I suspect you’ve been trying to create the open time signature with an object selected that isn’t specific to the bottom staff. This will give unpredictable results.

Try this:

Invoke the caret on the bottom staff (Shift+N).
Type Shift-M X Alt+Enter.

Thank you,

I got it to work. My mistake was assuming that alt + enter allows me to now work in a (per staff) mode, rather than needing to invoke it each time after entering a new time signature. got it.

Thanks for the help.