No tracks audible when starting a new project

I am very new to DAW and Cubase, however an experienced friend tried to help me solve this issue and we are unable to pin point the problem. My first few practice projects worked fine. When I went to open a new project and start by importing old .wav files from a different system (this worked great the first few times) I got no audio once the tracks were placed into the project. The meters all light up as if there is sound. I tried left clicking from the right hand zone of the project, I tried dragging them directly onto the field. I tried using the Media Pool to bring them in. Nothing works. I found if I open my first few projects that work fine. Delete all the tracks and import the ones I’m trying to use, they work. This is NOT a solution as it’s a long work around. I also uninstalled Cubase 10.5 and reinstalled it assuming this would eliminate the problem but no luck. Please help me! Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome,

Could you describe your channels routing, please? And how is your setup in the Audio Connections > Outputs and Control Room, please?

Thank you for responding, I actually figured it out on Saturday. The Cubase help folks kept telling me to look at the audio settings under studio set up for the input channels even though I kept telling them at this point I was not even using any input channels. Lying in bed I realized I should check output. YES somehow my default settings changed. I was able to move the settings to work with my interface and all is well. Although I had the studio set up routed properly, the audio busses was something I was not even aware of were separate. THANK YOU for reaching out to me!