No Tremolo pedal in VST Bass Amp?

First off, let me say the sound quality of this plugin is top notch!! Great job! But I’m a bit disappointed to find that it does not have a tremolo pedal! Why not? I mean you have a ton of very interesting “not traditional” pedals in there - even your Magneto II tape machine as a pedal - but there is no tremolo pedal for the bass?

While I’m at it, it would be nice to have all the same pedals in both VST bass amp and VST amp rack. For example the VST amp rack has tremolo but the bass does not. The bass amp rack has envelope pedals, enhancer, Magneto, etc that are not in the VST amp rack. I would LOVE to see additional pedals in both - such as whammy style pitch shifters with midi CC control or auto wah/filter pedals. Maybe even acoustic simulator pedals for guitar?

Of course I’d rather you focus on making cubase the best DAW it can be than working on effects, but if you are going to continue to support amp sims hopefully you can at least address the lack of a tremolo pedal in the VST bass amp.