No trill auxiliary note using cross-staff

I hope I’m not bringing up something that has already been answered. I’ve searched both the forum and the FB-group without getting any wiser.

The case is, I’m having trouble showing trill auxiliary notes after moving them to another staff. I’m working on a passage for marimba, where a tuplet is distributed across the staves. Moving the pitches down to the bass clef removes the auxiliary notes. Also, the trill symbol and line do not follow along. I have chosen “auxiliary notes” in the “Trill interval appearance” part of Engraving Rules as default.

Does anyone know if this is a current restriction, or if there’s something I might have missed?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Unfortunately, trills don’t work with cross-staff notes. You have to create those last two trills and notes on the lower staff to be able to show the auxiliary notes.

Thanks for the quick reply András!