No upgrade path from Groove Agent SE 4?

I just got an email from steinberg offering me a 50% discount for some upgrades/updates for halion, halion sonic and groove agent. Great, i thought, i’d love to upgrade the groove agent that came with my cubase pro 8.5.

Turns out that there is no upgrades for users of cubase as we only have the SE versions and steinberg explicitly refuse any upgrades for those versions.

Why do marketing depts do this sort of thing?

I was really happy for a couple of minutes and now i am really annoyed at steinberg for teasing me this way.

Wow, looks like i need to sign up for the newsletter…lol

But yeah, marketing will be marketing…lol:p

well glad i read this. i was about to post asking if it works for SE versions

Yep…thanks for nothing steinberg.

yea I saw the email and got exited too and then I saw the (*not from se) but for halion sonic 2 instead

always hoping I will get them at a discount one day because im kind of broke all the time