No upgradeable license? Problem solved!

After buying Scarbee Imperial Drums including Halion Player OEM, and upgrading to a full Halion 3 license, I have on my USB eLicenser:


  • Halion 3.x
  • Halion Player OEM 3.x

I bought the Halion 3 - > Halion 4 upgrade, and got it delivered weeks ago. But, when I run the eLicenser Control Center and enter the activation code I get the following message:
"Currently, there is no license available which can be upgraded by your upgrade license. Please connect an USB eLicenser, which holds an upgradeable license to your computer.

I have tried twice to get help from Stenberg Support by sending my question via the Support form in “My Steinberg”. No answer so far!

I downloaded the latest eLC version, hoping it would solve the problem. No, it did not.

How can I get some help or an answer from Steinberg Support?


Hi @ Sture,

if you just got the HALion Player it is correct, that the eLicenser Control Center reports no upgradeable license found.

Please pm me and I will take a look.

As far as I know I have a full Halion 3 license. With the SID XL+Halion Player that i bought 4-5 years ago there was an Halion 3 Demo and an offer from Steinberg to upgrade to the full Halion 3. I bought that upgrade. It is there on my USB eLicenser, together with the Halion OEM Player 3 in an “Collection”. I have made updates of my Halion 3, without problems. I now have the 3.5 64 bit version working ok.
bw Sture Löf, Sweden
(I have also sent you a pm, Marcus! Thanks for helping!)

So Sture,

Did you get everything sorted? (Hoppas det!)

Thanks to helpful Marcus and Steinberg support and a new activation code I have now downloaded the Halion 4 license to my USB eLicenser. So far i have just tested that it works ok stand alone and as VSTi in Cubase 6. :smiley: