No user track presets in C6 OSX?

Is anyone else having an issue with loading user track presets in 6.05 OSX? I’ve rescanned, resaved, added attributes, tried creating a new folder, etc., but can’t find them. I know they’re being saved because I get a “File Exists” message

Thanks in advance for any input

Where are you looking for them?

I’ve tried to load using “Load Track Preset”, highlighted the appropriate Attributes: Category, Sub, Style, etc., tried Search (in the “Load Track Preset” window) tried a Spotlight search, looked in the Cubase 6 folder in the Media Bay, etc.

I know it’s there somewhere, just can’t call it up. All third party plugs (UAD/Sonnox, etc.) have definitive, visible paths to the presets, but not as far as I can tell in C6 6.0.5. Not a huge deal, I just save presets in the individual plugs, but unless I’m missing something, this feature isn’t working correctly for me

I thought it would be like “Save Selected Channels” in the mixer, which works great and is visible

Thanks in advance for any input.

Make sure the Cubase program folder is scanned in Mediabay. Trashing Mediabay files in Prefs and setting it up again might also do the trick.

The program folder is scanned- I’ll try trashing the prefs. Thanks for your reply