No UV22HR?

Is the Apogee UV22HR not available in Elements? I can’t seem to pull it up under the dithering spot in the master section. This plugin is included with Cubase, so is there any way to load it into Elements or must I use internal?


Not included. Use “Internal”.

Thank you.

Is there any good guide on how to use the internal? The UV22HR was so simple, but I don’t know much about noise shaping and all that.

The default setting is certainly the best. After, it’s a matter os taste.

I’ll just use that then. Thanks! :smiley:

This also might help if i can post the link correctly.



I too noticed the Legacy UV22 and UV22HR in the Effects section of the Master Section, but the question was how to get it post-fader with the internal dithering. I see this thread was in 2011, but I’m running the latest version and this still hasn’t been addressed! Obviously dithering plug-ins are worthless in an Effects slot!

Activate the UV22 as follows:

Excellent, that works great!

While we’re discussing plug-ins, I have tried to get Elements to recognize the Cubase Essential Plug-in Set folder, with some success. However, it seems I cannot get Elements to open the plug-ins’ little screens (in other words, the Plug-in Visibility button does not work.)

Was this intentional?

the Plug-in Visibility button

What do you mean?

The little square button to the right of an effect in the master section that will toggle an effect’s control panel visibility.