No v5 License After v9 Upgrade

I upgraded from Cubase v5 to Cubase Pro v9 but if I try to open v5 no license is found on my USB eLicenser even though I can run v9 fine with the same eLicenser. v5 is on my old XP laptop and v9 is on a new Win 10 laptop. How can I open Cubase v5 on my old laptop please as I still need access to those projects. I don’t want to have to run the old projects under v9

How can I open Cubase v5 on my old laptop

Update the eLicenser software, or the license database

Do you mean update it on the Windows 10 machine or the XP machine? I don’t think they would support XP any more?

He probably meant to ensure your eLicenser software was the latest version and to perform the maintenance task in the eLicenser control center after you upgrade it. I would do this on the new computer.

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You need to do it on the “old” computer.

Thanks for the link. There was an XP version there still luckily so I updated the eLicenser software on the old computer.
It took about 10 minutes for it to update the database after the install but very happy to say Cubase 5 now starts. Thanks guys :smiley: