No valid content license found, will no longer load that particular content


I was gonna start a project, but for some reason Cubase stopped responding while loading the project and I had to end it with task manager eventually.

After that when I rebooted my computer and started Cubase, after “initializing VST3 plugins” it went through each and every content license, which used to be around 75-80 or so, each license took one second to go through. It has never done that before, that slow, it usually takes a second for all of them.

It somehow found that there were about 12 licenses missing - I should have taken a screenshot but I forgot, all I remember is that Flux was one of them.

Now when I load Cubase it there are no longer 75-80 licenses, but it stops at 67 so I suspect it deemed the license invalid for those 12 or so and they’re not loading anymore.

I’m sorry about the lack of proper explanation, it went a bit too quickly for me to understand what actually happened, and I have not encountered anything like this before.

Let’s see if anyone understand what I mean…

Cubase 12 Pro (12.0.70).