No valid eLicense found

Cubase 10.5, Win10 computer. Started Cubase today, and no license found. Have changed nothing since I last used the program 5 days ago. How could this happen? What if I had a client here? Bad mojo, Cubase, bad mojo. My elicenser that I have always had is still connected to the back of the computer. eLicense software found no valid license, before or after I updated the software to the latest Feb 18 edition.

Within MySteinberg it shows my Cubase 10.5 license associated with a different dongle ID. I assure you I have not changed the dongle, I don’t have another dongle.

What is going on? I can call support on Monday but I need to work now.

Ouch. You can download a trial license in the meantime.

Today it magically works. wtf.

An intermittent broken USB port?

I had exactly the same thing happen to me today - “no valid license found”. Everything was working just fine yesterday and I have changed nothing so not sure what has caused this.
I was using Cubase Artist 10 up until April 2020 when I upgraded to Cubase Pro 10.5, therefore the only Access Code I have is for Cubase Artist 10. I have clicked on “start license activation” to see if I can re-enter my original Access Code, but it does not fit in the “Enter Activation Code” box. Anyone got any idea what do I can to do in order to access Cubase?

I did try to reboot everything before posting. Make sure the system is recognizing your licenser, etc. Maybe remove and reseat it. I am honestly not sure what changed to fix it, but my theory is that the recent update to the eLicenser software (I think it was late Feb 2021) broke something that they then fixed on the server end.

It’s happened again. Cubase, what is going on? No change in my setup, no change in my system from last night while I was working, til today when I am back at it. I’m in the middle of work. This is not acceptable.!
No License Found

Still sounds like a hardware issue.

In a way. It’s a 7-slot USB card that seems to randomly shut off certain ports. I wonder how one can control which ones, lol. I guess figure out how many I can use before it starts shutting a few down? :smiley: PITA, but solved this.

Just replace it. In the long run it’s cheaper than aspirin.

LOL it’s pretty much brand new. My impression is that it’s not an issue with the card but with the internal ‘channels’ in the computer available for it to use. Is that bonkers?

What’s the point in troubleshooting a cheap card? I guess you can go down that rabbit hole if it pleases you… I would just replace it, or do a different solution for more usb ports.