"No valid licence for HaLion Sonic SE"

I keep getting this message when I close Dorico 4:



Do you have installed the latest version of Halion Sonic SE (3.5.0) coming with Dorico 4? Since the eLicenser is mentioned in the message, I suppose it’s an older version.

I have no idea: how would I find out?


If you start the standalone version of Halion, it should show the version number at the bottom of the splash screen. Inside Halion, you can also click on [Steinberg > About] to get the info screen.
Alternatively, just install Halion Sonic SE 3.5.0 (again). The installer recognizes whether the lastest version is already present.

Thanks for trying but, sorry, this is not very helpful to me yet. :smiley:

  1. How do I start Halion on its own? I cannot find it on the Start Menu.

  2. I have only ever installed Dorico, never Halion separately. Do you mean I should delete and reinstall Dorico 4?

Hm, that’s strange. You don’t need to install Dorico again. In the Dorico 4 section of the Steinberg Download Assistant, there’s a separate download for Halion Sonic SE available. It should be sufficient to download and execute it.

Thanks! Since it was only recommended, and I mostly use Dorico in silence, I dont think I clicked to install HALion. But that would not explain why it is complaining!


Maybe you installed Halion Sonic SE together with an older Dorico release and it’s still present on your machine which Dorico 4 now tries to open. Because of the new licensing system, that doesn’t work.

Yes. I still have Dorico 3.5 on this computer and the dongle plugged in.

But it is odd that this message only started showing up today.


I guess, it’s related to the playback template used in the Dorico document. As long as no Halion template (like the HSSE ones) is assigned, Halion shouldn’t be required. Otherwise, Dorico tries to load it. If you change the template to “Silence” or “NotePerformer” (if you own it), the message should go away except there is some kind of bug.

I was wrong: the dongle was sitting on my desk. When I replaced it in the back of the computer, the message no longer appeared. It seems that I have to have the dongle inserted in the computer to avoid this error message when using Dorico 4!


You would be able to elminate the message when your USB-eLicenser is disconnected if you install the most recent version of HALion Sonic SE, as recommended.

Many thanks! I opened Steinberg Download Assistant, which proceded immediately to auto-update a couple of things, including eLicenser. Clicked on the Halicon download and now Dorico runs without the error message.

I wonder why it was claimed that this download was “optional”…


It isn’t: it’s marked as (recommended).

my license code won’t work. every time it shows me this message:

Did you already try to update the elC? The update should automatically start if you run the Steinberg Download Assistant. You can also download the updater from the site mentioned in the message box.
The latest version is According to your screenshot you’re using the previous version.