No valid licence found Cubase 10.5 - I haven't changed anything

Just fired up my PC and for some reason, I can’t start Cubase, I get the message that no valid licence found.

I have not changed anything on my PC, nor updated windows. Everything was working fine last night.

I did a maintenance on e-licencer as administrator, all fine. I looked at re-activation, but my cubase 10 is not in the list of things that I can re-activate.
I pasted the code from My Steinberg for my Cunase licence into the e-licencer, but it said "Currently there is no licence available that can be upgraded by your upgrade licence.

So what now? Do I have to re-install Cubase? If so, how do I save all my presets & templates?


Some screenshots…


There seems to be no USB eLicenser connected to your computer.

Had this earlier today. I just restarted my system and unplugged the dongle and plugged it back in.

Yes, that was it!
Well, it was plugged in and the light was on, but not found for some reason. I unplugged it and plugged it back in and it’s fine now.

To be honest, I forgot it was even there. I thought I had changed it to a soft licence ages ago. I guess the USB may be starting to expire then.
Can I do away with the USB now and licence it to the computer now? Just in case the USB dies…

No, you can buy a new USB key and transfer the license.

You may not need a new dongle, the one you’ve got is probably fine, though a spare one is handy. I get this problem once in a while and unplugging makes it go away. Probably a timing error loading drivers or something similar.

Yeh I think I might do that. It happened again today.
Could even be the motherbard I suppose.

Cheers guys.