No valid license cubase 12

used to work but haven’t used it in a couple of months and now it says no valid license, how can i fix?
tried steinberg activation program, doesn’t do anything, just says license is active.


What Cubase edition do you own? Is it Cubase Pro? Did you install the right edition?

again, yes, it worked some month/s ago, no issues so it’s not a matter of wrong version or something like that. i just didn’t use it for a while and now i can’t start it.

steinberg licensing program says it’s “activated”.

i tried support but never had much luck with them when it comes to install issues or anything, also it can take a month before they even care to reply, if they reply.

i wish Cubase could give a little more info of what the issue is and how to fix it, “no license found” is not exactly helpful. Is it the dongle? is it something with the licensing software? is it a file missing etc?

Sometimes i wonder why i bother purchasing software… if this was pirated i wouldn’t have to deal with this cr*p. No, i don’t support pirating, just saying it doesn’t feel like i’m getting my money’s worth…

this program is such a hassle…

hardware dongle
online activation / registration / license
e-licenser program
steinberg activation manager program
edit: download assistant program

its a mystery how it works even half the time with this many things having some degree of control if you’re allowed to run the program or not lol… i can also understand why support isn’t great because i bet they’re pretty clueless themselves at this point :confused:

I have found out that if it’s been a while since starting up Cubase 12 (I’m finishing a big project in C11), I have to update the Steinberg Download Assistant and the Steinberg Activation Manager.
Otherwise I have experience C12 hanging on startup.

I don’t know if this will help you, but you can try… Never the less, I understand your frustration

totally forgot to add that one to the list lol… so its just like 5 things to keep track off lol…
i’ll try dowloading steinberg activation manager again i guess to start with. thanks.

the download assistant… isn’t this mainly just for when you install it the first time, and perhaps for updating cubase?

Just start the Download Assistant… and it will auto-update (you have to be logged in)… I think that it will update also the Activation Manager

i downloaded and installed activation manager again (update). That worked!

How does this program not have a “update” function built it, that tells you it’s out of date??
How does not cubase tell you that this is the actual issue instead of just saying “no license found”?!?

it’s hilarious how bad this is. well it would be hilarious if this program was given away for free, unfortunately it is not.

Thanks for the help!

Glad it worked :slight_smile:
I have not yet used C12 for client projects… I have too much and important work to finish before going all C12.
Yes… This could benefit from having a better solution. This ain’t good enough from Steinberg IMHO