No valid license detected for Groove Agent.

I received an eLicenser through a special Steinberg event. It came loaded with several licenses already on it, including Absolute 4. Everything is working flawlessly EXCEPT Groove Agent 4. I’ve installed/reinstalled, updated everything, assured proper registration, and nothing seems to be working. Every time I try to open it, I get the Following:

"No valid license detected for Groove Agent.

Please connect your eLicenser and click ‘Retry’.
Click 'Cancel to stop loading the plug-in.

Make sure to have an up-to-date version of the License Control Center."

I’ve done all I know to do, and now I need help. I understand it’s a little bit of a unique situation as I don’t have an email with an activation code or any further info. All of the licenses show up in “My Steinberg”, and all of the other software with Absolute 4 is working great! Just Groove Agent. HELP!

I think lots of people are having issues with GA4 currently. I’ve got mentions in about 5 threads and no responses. For me GAse4 simply disappeared in LE9.5. It shows up in Artist 7.5 but does nothing.

Originially, I saw a message come up on my screen about a license for GA but I don’t recall it’s exact verbiage.

I spoke this morning with Steinberg, and they said there’s an issue currently with Absolute 4 licenses working with GA4 (which is what I have). They said it has to do with them switching over to Soft eLicenses and will clear up whenever GA5 rolls out… No idea when that is, and they don’t know either. In the meantime, they just hooked me up with a GA4 independent license until the issue is resolved.

Good to hear, and I think they’re right about the license. My se4 is the free version that came with LE9.5 and that is not working on neither my laptop nor my desktop. I believe it has to do with my license on my e-license.

Regarding the soft license, are you saying SB is abandoning the usb license?

I just got the same issue with GA4. iMac 27". I’ve tried everything I can think of, reinstall, upgrade e-licenser,recover from backups but nothing seems to work, not a sign from Steinberg either…Well I’m happy to have EZdrummer…

I am new to Cubase, I bought a UR22mkII and my understanding is is came with a whole host of plugins and supporting software incl. Cubase, Halion and a bunch of plugins. However, after downloading all the available software using the Download manager and installing them I seem to have no licenses for many of the stuff.
I was under the impression that all that software came with the UR22mkII. Am I mistaken?

I am currently having the exact same Error Message in Groove Agent 5, and I am using Cubase 10 Artist. Does anyone know if issue can be resolved?

Same problem, here. I bought the Absolute 4 Crossgrade from Groove Agent 4 but it doesn’t recognize that I have Groove Agent 4. GA4 shows in my online account, but not in my dongle.

Any recommendations would be helpful.