No Valid License every other week on suite of school laptops


at school i’ve got 30 laptops with Cubase 9 elements running. However, every other week some laptops will get “No Valid License” and I’ll need to take them to the technician for him to reactivate. He says it’s due to the regular updates for Windows and the network.

Anyway, if poss can any of you please advise of anything that will allow us to bypass the need to keep doing this (short of not having the laptops connected to the network).


Sorry but just bumping this after 5 months and no solution.

Please help anyone. Every time the laptops update the Cubase license gets deactivated.

Is there any way round this as it’s happening every couple of weeks and I’ve got 30 laptops, 380 students and it’s very disrupting to say the least lol!

Thanks in advance.

Run the eLicenser app as administrator and let it do the maintenance. Usually this is enough after Windows update.

Thanks for your help.

Do you mean run it after every Windows update? I’m not an administrator so that wouldn’t save any time.

I’m wondering if a newer version of Cubase might be the only answer at this point. We’re on Cubase elements 9.0 at the moment but I heard they’ve updated the way e dongles work.

Only if there is a problem. Minor Windows updates might not cause any issues.

Can your technician do it remotely? Or allow you to run the eLicenser with administrator privileges?